The Quality Management System is in accordance with ISO 9001:2009.

We successfully completed the recertification in June 2015.

Continuous improvement of quality and searching for the most optimal production technologies together with the customer is considered to be a continual process.

Reduction of possible defect occurrence and thus reduction of additional costs for our customers and our plant is considered to be a priority and a condition for the successful handling of current and future competition.

Since 2001, when the plants where purchased by their current owner, the quality has markedly improved.


The foundry is fully equipped for performance of continuous quality assurance check:

  • testing of chemical composition using device for spectral analysis SPECTROLAB
  • mechanical testing of tensile strength
  • testing of hardness according to BRINELL
  • metalographic tests of material structure
  • laboratory testing of shaping sands
  • and also arrangement of other specialised certifications, including X-ray testing
  • certificate, it means report about internal testing of material and dimensions for customer orders

  • declaration of conformity to specifications - verifications of surfaces, shapes and foundry defects on a fixed number of castings from each batch


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