In our plants, there is a long-term tradition of moulds and patterns production and of possible adjustment of equipment delivered by our vendors and their continuous maintenance and repairs. Production of patterns is done on the basis of drawings with routings provided by customer and also trough our own designs.

PATTERN SHOP KRNOV is equipped for the production of simple wooden patterns and continuous repairs of patterns, casting of patterns and cores from resins and following treatment and fitting on forming plate.

OUR TOOLING SHOP mostly covers the needs of production and repairs of pattrns and moulds. If we are not able to fully meet the customers' demand, for capacity or technology reasons, or if it is for customer preferable (e.g. when delivery date ASAP, or maximal tooling quality, minimal tooling costs with regard to product life time etc. is required), we provide the tooling production in cooperation with reputable specialised tooling shops we have good experiences with.

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